The Olympic Games – My Inspiration

The Olympic Games are the place where the humanity reaches its limits – physically and mentally.

“Faster, Higher, Stronger” – The Olympic Motto

A lot of us are living our lives trying to do our best in what we do, and in some cases, even be the best in our field or profession. But for me, non of these cases are getting close to the 11,000 (more or less) stories of the world-class athletes that managed to pave their way to the top of humanity – to the Olympic Games!

Think about a challenge you had in your life. A goal that you set for yourself.

Now think that in order to achieve it, you need to dedicate your life to it, otherwise there’s no chance you’ll get it.

Now, think that you decided to dedicate your life to this goal, knowing the probability you’ll achieve it is almost ZERO. If that’s not enough, so there’s another few folks (like, a few hundreds or thousands), all around the world, dedicating their lives to achieve the same goal as you are.

And as we all know, at the top there a room only for 1. (Well, sometimes maybe 2).

We all had goals in our lives, some were easy and some were very challenging. In case of the latter ones, I guess you’ll agree with me that the final moment, or event, was only the icing on the cake.

The Olympic Games look amazing. Everything looks new, shining, neat and tidy. The bodies are perfect and the suits are tailor made.

But when you – or them – busted your ass to get to this point, to this final event, to this moment of truth, no one saw it, no one knew it, and frankly, my dear, no one gave a damn.

The Famous “Success Iceberg”

But we are better than this.

I can’t hear people who disparage athletes that come back from the Olympics without a medal. I’m pretty sure they never did anything that even gets close to qualifying to the Olympic Games, so they just don’t understand what it takes.

The Olympic Games are the peak of the humanity. The athletes who reach there are the peak of the humanity. They excite me, and I’m having such a great time watching them. I feel that I share their joy, fear, excitement, disappointment and everything that they are going through during the games.

For me, each and every one of them is an inspiration.

Alon Pakash