The Anti-Butterfly Effect


The Butterfly Effect, coined by Edward Lorenz – an American scientist that’s known for being one of the pioneers of the Chaos Theory – is derived from the metaphorical example of a hurricane being influenced by the flapping of the wings of a distant butterfly several weeks earlier.
The general concept of the butterfly theory is that small causes can have large effects.

Thinking about this theory, especially in the context of situations in my life that require discretion or decision making, made me develop my own little theory, I call “The Anti-Butterfly Effect”.

As opposed to the original, the “Anti-Butterfly Effect” says that most of the things that happen to me, shouldn’t affect other things in my life, or change decisions that I made, if they aren’t related to each other.

It’s a simple concept, but one that made me better in almost every aspect of my life.

Here are some examples to demonstrate the theory in my everyday life:

  • I had a bad day at work? I never let it affect the way I enter home and enjoy my family.
  • The meeting at 10:00 went bad? It has nothing to do with the meeting at 13:00, which I have a lot of important decisions to make there.
  • I had a night full of phone calls from work? Doesn’t matter, I have a training program, and I have to get up early for a run.
  • I slept only two hours? My kids still want attention and play with their daddy – and they deserve it!
  • Just got an email that pissed me off. After two seconds, a good friend is calling to consult me about some important issue.

I guess you got it.

Tiredness, anger, stress, and such – are harming our discretion.

BTW, I know it may sound strange, but be careful of positive events, too. Sometimes, they can harm your thinking just as negative events.

Controlling the ability to separate and context switch between situations is a skill for life.
It will improve the decisions you make, it will make you a more relaxed and easygoing person, it will reduce the amount of traps you’ll step into, and it will even make you sleep better.

And the coolest thing? The “Butterfly Effect” works on the “Anti-Butterfly Effect“!
Think about it, and start separating between the events in your life. Don’t mix what doesn’t need to be mixed, and I promise you that you will feel the consequences immediately.

Alon Pakash


P.S – Maybe you don’t agree with me, but you’ll definitely agree with him:


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